Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, cancer does not discriminate, and neither do we!

It is 100% self-paced so that you can go your own speed.  we know that life happens, and not every day you are feeling up to your best (we recommend relaxing and netflixing on those days!). So the course will take you anywhere to a couple months or longer.

Once a month we hold a live webinar that we ask you to join! If you need more in-depth one-on-one services, we please ask that you upgrade to the consultation package so we can best help with your concerns.

Currently, we are scheduled to launch in August, 2019. Stay tuned!

No! The Cancer Survivor's Course for Thriving Through Cancer is meant to support a person going through conventional therapies.

No, the Cancer Survivor's Course for Thriving Through Cancer (CSC) is a one-time buy that you will have permanent access to.

When there is new or updated relevant scientific information, we will always keep the course up-to-date and current.

In both Alyssa and Katie's experience, probably none. This is simply because we are trained in supporting the body through nutrition and lifestyle and doctors are trained to get rid of a problem, in this case, cancer! Work *with* your oncologist!